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Water testing

Many homes which receive their water from private wells should have their water tested. A private well being in need of bacterial treatment is unfortunately common. Mineralogical filtering or other treatment options can also prevent a health hazard from drinking tainted water. A water exam tests for total coliform bacteria, E. coli bacteria, pH, iron, manganese, sodium, hardness, nitrate, chloride, alkalinity, conductivity, nitrite, fluoride, arsenic, lead, copper, and radon. If any of the analytes are found to be outside of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection's maximum contaminate levels, a plumber may need to be contacted in order to address the issue. This test is a general test for the purpose of informing prospective buyers about the water quality in the home and is not considered to be compliance testing. Nelson Labs is the certified lab which will process the water sample, Mass Lab ID M-NH1013. The water testing fee is $285.00

Get a drinking water test
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