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Four Season Inspections

My name is Matt Lucier and Four Season Inspections is my business. I have owned homes for decades and began professionally inspecting homes in 2014 when I was buying another house. The home inspector I had hired recognized something he liked in me and offered to train me to work with him in his home inspection business! Since then I've inspected thousands of homes all across Massachusetts from Adams to Provincetown. I absolutely love my job, as I love homes and enjoy looking for ways to care for them. My experience has shown me what works well, what doesn't, and what to look out for. Maintenance is a must! Every home, no matter the age, needs regular maintenance. I have never found a structurally and mechanically perfect home, so knowing what is in your potential home, and its condition is important. If you have any questions, please ask. I strive to provide you with what you need to get out of the home inspection and look forward to working with you soon!


Being a decades-long homeowner and having professionally inspected thousands of homes in Massachusetts over the last ten years, my expertise comes from a wealth of knowledge, experience, and education. Don't settle for any less.

Detail oriented

I believe it is of utmost importance to be detail oriented when home inspecting. Residents should have a reasonable expectation of safety in their homes, which is also the most expensive purchase most people make in a lifetime.


At Four Season Inspections, we strive to avoid conflicts of interest. We do not recommend whether or not to buy, do not quote costs of other contractors' work, or speak about your home inspection with anyone but you, or anyone you authorize.

Our Mission

We Aim to Educate Home Buyers

A standard home inspection is a brief look at specific systems and components by a general inspector to give the prospective home buyer information about the visible and condition of the property. Educating prospective homeowners about the property in question is of utmost importance to us. Thorough home inspections, in-person explanations about complex systems, first time home buyer course presentations and discussions about how to best manage the home are our lifeblood. The written report is used to support the home inspection and can be relied on for a general understanding of the home on its own. Our home inspections cover major concerns as well as providing maintenance tips for future home ownership. Be safe and comfortable knowing what you are buying.

Moving In
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