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Home colsultation


Existing homeowners can seek more information about their home too. If you are a new homeowner who waived an inspection when you bought your home, or a long time homeowner who wants a refresher on the operation and maintenance of your home, this is the service for you. Consultations can be complete which cover all of the major mechanical and structural components of the home (similar to a home inspection), or limited if you have specific questions about a one system in your home. Think of a complete consultation as a check up or physical for your home. A limited consultation is like going to the doctor for a sore knee. A recent example of a limited consultation was for a client who was getting water in the basement through a crack in the foundation wall and wanted advice as to how to stop the leak. Complete consultations are $420-$760 and include a written report. Limited consultations are $100/hr on site and an additional $100 for a written report.

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